the tiny rebels | Building brands that make a ruckus.
A boutique design shop. We help companies find their visual voice & stand out.
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Tiny Rebels builds brands that provide unique experiences and make people interact differently with the world. Because of the amount of hustle, detail and attention they provide to each client, they only take on a few projects at a time. Trust them, it is better this way. They think of their clients as allies, members of the tribe. Their tiny but mighty size allows them to be more flexible with their clients and devote the resources necessary for a successful project.


Tiny Rebels gets down to the nitty gritty. They believe it is important to get to know not just their clients but also their customers. It may feel like the first date in the beginning, but they make it less awkward. An in-depth discovery and ideation are part of their secret weapon to a successful brand. Then a strong concept is born! This is the foundation to building a brand that is interesting, successful and is worth sharing.


Tiny Rebels see projects from conception to launch, they are full service!  From designing a product and packaging to art directing a photoshoot for the product launch they handle your idea every step of the way, with lots of care and attention to the tiny details! This may include: logos, business cards, packaging, photography, prop styling, art directing and social media. When it comes to your visual identity they don’t mess around.


Although Tiny Rebel’s does make things more beautiful, their goal extends beyond the aesthetics. They solve business problems by way of their design and create strong and unique visual voices. They are dedicated to and passionate about building successful brands that make a positive mark on the world!

Are you ready to rebel?



Your name is important, it is the beginning of your identity! Add value and social currency to your brand with a smart, conceptual and memorable name.


They love to manage your visual style as your brand extends across platforms. They will drive your brand forward keeping their eyes on the goal.


Your visual DNA extends far beyond a logo. Tiny Rebels thoughtfully builds out your brand paying attention to all the tiny details.


Their photography arm plays a large role in creating on brand content. Tiny Rebels is great behind the computer and behind the lens!


From business cards and packaging design to large out of home installations they design all printed materials and handle everything from concept to production. Tiny Rebels is full service.


While they are at it, they'll take all your curated content to build and increase your powerful presence online. They've helped create your visual brand and voice for the past few months and building social content is a cake walk!

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The Tiny Rebels process is highly collaborative, concept-driven and research based. Every project begins with a detailed discovery and research phase. Tiny Rebels creates custom strategies for each project which are built upon what they’ve discovered and the goals they’ve set. Prior to any design, Tiny Rebels and their partners begin the ideation phase. They flush out and solidify brand concepts based on everything they already know and everything they learned. A strong brand concept is the first step to being different.


Their design decisions are purposeful and researched backed making for a more effective, distinguished product. Design is iterative and they understand and welcome the collaborative relationship. As partners, there are several check-ins and approval points throughout the duration of the project. Tiny Rebels make themselves accessible to their partners to ensure a seamless flow of communication. 


Every project is its own tiny rebellion!


WORK A.K.A Tiny rebellions

Here is a sampling of some of our most recent collaborations.

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